Why Train Your Cat?
Most of us have little or no expectations of our feline companions.    By combining communication, training and expectations, your pet will be more interactive and more manageable.

 Safety for both you and your cat:
  • You can teach your cat:
    • to stay inside when the door is opened
    • to wait politely while you prepare their meal
  • You define and set the limits that:
    • are important to you,
    • that meet your lifestyle needs
  • By developing trust and using taught commands your cat:
    • will come to you when outside your home,
    • will stop when you command.
 Your cat is more controllable and manageable at home and away:
  • If your cat is ill, you'll be able to manipulate their limbs, give medications or other treatments easier.
  • You'll live more comfortably with your cat.
  • You'll have better interaction with your cat.
 They still get to be cats
  • They love to please you.
  • Without tasks, they get bored.
  • They demonstrate pride when they accomplish assigned tasks.
  • The more you teach, the more they want to and can learn.
 You've most likely already taught your cat some things -- but you probably never looked at it as "training"
Teach your cat some manners
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