What Can Your Cat Learn?
 Just about anything you have the patience to teach and your cat can do.  Anyone can learn how.
    Think about the tricks you have seen cats perform in movies and commercials.   While many of those are inappropriate for your home, the behaviors are taught by patient and consistent instructors.    You can be that instructor for your cat.
  • Why teach commands?
    • You can just teach your cat to stay off the counters, but if you teach other commands and behaviors, you will have greater control and a more manageable companion.
  • Once your cat learns a few basic commands and objects, command words can be combined to become an additional command:
    • Your cat learns to sit
    • Your cat learns to use his/her own Rug
    • Combine Sit & Rug -- your cat sits on the rug
  • Some basic and useful behaviors that you can teach and command of your cat:
    • Sit
    • Lie Down
    • Off
    • Stay in the house when the door is opened
    • Go into the house from outside
    • Roll over
    • Stretch (their limbs)
    • Come when called
    • Scratch only on designated objects
    • Remain within defined parameters while outside
    • Whisper
    • Eat
    • Stay
Teach your cat some manners
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