How To Get Started
  • Preparing to train your cat:

  • Observe your cat and your responses to their actions.    Listen to yourself when communicating with your cat.   Make notes on your observations.
    • List things your cat already knows such as:
      • eat,
      • bed,
      • no,
      • play,
      • treats,
      • reactions to specific sounds.
    • List things you want to change.
    • List your limits, such as:
      • The cat runs around screaming while I prepare his/her dinner.   That needs to stop, it's annoying and one day I'm going to trip on them.
    • Survey your cat's property:
      • cat tree,
      • scratching post,
      • pieces of carpet,
      • boxes or bags.
      • What have you given the cat as their own?
    • Watch when you get upset with your cat's actions.
    • Watch when you panic and watch the cat's response.
    • Make notes on all of your observations.
Teach your cat some manners
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