• You will learn how to teach your cat and how to support that learning.

  • Since cats usually do best in their own familiar territory, training consultations should probably occur at your location.

  • Because each session will be customized for you, an initial visit will include:
    • A discussion of your needs and goals, and the lists you've made  (see the Tips page).   This is an excellent time for your cat or cats and me to become acquainted.
    • An assessment of the cat's current property
    • If your cat or cats will allow me to work with them, we will work on a few basic commands such as sit, lie down, off, and becoming familiar with their rug.
    • If your cat will not work with me, I will coach while you work with your cat, or we will discuss the techniques that will start you on your way towards accomplishing your training goals
    • A discussion or demo of additional commands to practice with your cat,
    • Develop a strategy for you to follow
    • If appropriate, we will discuss or go through the process of clipping
       your cat's claws

  • You will receive a handout of cat training do's and don'ts

  • For best results, you and your family must consistently reinforce and
    support newly learned behaviors.

  • Learning takes time and reinforcement and, some cats learn faster than others.

  • What your cat learns will be determined by the amount of time you work with your cat and how consistent you are at reinforcing positive and negative behaviors.

  • Follow up visits can be scheduled ahead of time or as you and your cat are ready. New commands can be covered or already-introduced commands can be reviewed.

  • Training packages can be customized to meet your needs and your budget.
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