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Healing Tree Products They have great products! Dr. Eric Witherspoon has been a vet for 30 years, and used to mix up batches of some of these products as needed for his clients.   I've been using some of the Healing Tree products for about 10 years -- on myself, my friends, my cats, my friends cats... and their dogs.   They work!!
What's in Pet Foods? A very interesting article that might surprise you
Vet on Call A series of articles written by Jean C. Hofve, DVM.   Do a search, she may have some newer articles too.
Steve Silver Photos Steve's taken some photos of Marble & Violet.    I've included a few on the Marble & Violet page.   Have a look at some of his wonderful photos.
Tails High Founded in 2009, Tails High is a brand new volunteer run non-profit rescue group
Other Local Shelters, Rescue Groups & related service groups AdvoCats     Animal Welfare League of Alexandria     Animal Welfare League of Arlington     Animal Allies     ASAP     Fancy Cats     Feline Foundation     HART     4-Paws    
Some other cat links
Trained Cats at Key West Sunsets Dominique has been training cats for many years and performs two shows each nite at the Key West Sunset festival with at least 5 of his cats. They do cool things like jump through a flaming hoop and walk a tight rope. More proof that you can, in fact, train a cat!
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