Training Examples
  • Sit -   A very easy to teach, versatile and useful command.    Once your cat learns to sit, this command can be used in several different types of situations
    • On your lap
    • In the yard
      • Your cat escapes from the house, you panic.   Instead of chasing the cat, you calmly and firmly command your cat to sit.   You can then walk over, pick up the cat and go into the house.    Next you might want to teach your cat to go into the house on command!
    • On their rug:
      • in the house,
      • in the car,
      • on the vet's table.
  Using the Sit command alone and in combination with others, I can stop my cats from chasing a bird or squirrel who has invaded the yard.
  • Off is useful in several types of situations such as:
    • Off the furniture
    • Move out of the way when closing
      the refrigerator door
    • Drop what ever is in their mouth
      • garbage
      • Bird or mouse
      • Your dinner
  • Rug - One of the most useful tools to teach your cat!
    • As you probably know, cats like to sit on defined objects like newspaper, sheets of paper, an article of clothing.   Why not give them their own defined spaces or objects, so they'll stay off of yours.
    • Their Rug can be their safe place and it can
      be used in and out of the home.
      • It's a familiar, defined space with boundaries,
      • It smells like home.
    • Sit on the rug:
      • and wait for their meal
      • in the car
      • on the vet's table
      • at new places
  This is just a small sample of what you can teach your cat can do
Teach your cat some manners
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